Please find our Grab and Go Menu below including dishes and Box’s. We have (H) Halal and (V) Vegan options available.

  • Jollof Rice/ Jollof Bulgur Wheat (V) – Our delicious mouth-watering slow cooked fluffy rice/ bulgur wheat dish. Cooked with fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers, herbs and a whole lot of love! A celebratory dish that is good anytime.

  • Grilled Stew Chicken (H) – Slow grilled chicken in a tomato-based stew consisting of sautéed onions, sweet peppers and herbs. 

  • Designer Stew (H) ( Chilli Beef and Smoked Turkey stew) – Succulent Grilled beef with pulled smoked turkey in a lightly spiced authentic homemade stew.

  • Spinach & Kale Stew (V) – A great veggie option with steamed and sautéed spinach & kale with sweet peppers, onions and herbs.

  • Black-eyed beans & Sweet corn Casserole (V)– Another amazing veggie option of slow cooked black beans and sweet corn with herbs.

  • Special King Prawn Rice– Steamed rice with King Prawns and Sweet Peppers.

  • Grilled Hake Fish Stew– Delicious marinated Grilled Hake fish in sauce

  • Pan Fried Plantain (V) – Sumptuous sweet plantain lightly fried in extra virgin oil. Simply a party in your mouth!

  • Chicken Wings (H) – Marinated Grilled chicken wings

  • Moi Moi (V) – A Steamed bean cake, Veggie option, full of protein and light on your stomach –it’s a win for everyone!

  • Puff Puff (V) -  a delicious fluffy dough based treat 

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